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Gary excels at character creation and is known for his dynamic storytelling in audiobooks and authentic character portrayals in animation and video games.

Voice acting is about bringing the imaginary to life through characters and narration.

Gary Furlong

Transform your vision into sound with voice over, acting and narration

Key Voice Acting Services Across Industries

Audio branding

Creating unique and memorable sound for your brand.


Involve and engage the audience in all the facts.

Film sound

Enhancing the cinematic experience through the power of voice.

Game sound

Immerse players in interactive worlds bringing characters and stories to life.


Bring imaginations to life through characters and narration.

Virtual reality

Creating 3D spatial audio for virtual reality experiences to provide a sense of presence.


Voiceover for commercials, and other television programming to communicate what matters.


Providing vibrant voiceover for animated shows to entertain and captivate.

One Of The Most Talented Voices In Industry

As an accent and dialect master, Gary possesses fluency in various accents, including Irish, British RP, Scottish and Standard American. Gary’s specialization lies in dynamic audiobook narrations, while also being known for creating unique and authentic characters for animation and video games.

To date, Gary has narrated over 300 books on, and his talent has earned him multiple awards, including the 2021 Audie, a SOVAS award, 4x AudioFile Earphones, and an Independent Audiobook Award.

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Working with Gary brings genuine value to any project, benefiting clients in numerous ways. Gary’s talent and versatility add a special touch to scripts that audiences truly appreciate. His ability to embody different characters and emotions authentically creates a captivating audio experience. With a focus on professionalism, Gary ensures a smooth recording process, saving clients time and effort. His refined vocal skills help to evoke emotions and connect with the audience on a deeper level, enhancing the overall storytelling. Collaborating with Gary Furlong guarantees a heartfelt and memorable project that resonates with listeners long after completion.

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