Gary is the friendly, guy next store sound used by big companies like Samsung and McDonalds...

He is an accent and dialect master with fluency in Irish, British RP and Standard American. He specializes in character creation and is known for dynamic audiobook narration and authentic characters in animation and video games.  He has narrated over 200 books on He is 2021 Audie Winner, recipient of a SOVAS, 3xAudioFile Earphones, and an Independent Audiobook Award.

Other clients include: Mastercard, and Kiwi Ninja.



Throughout his life he has worn many a hat: He has worked as a teacher in Niigata, Japan; a puppeteer in Prague; an improv artist in Memphis, Tennessee, but made the leap to voiceover in 2015. Gary has narrated over 120 books spanning various genres.

He is the recipient of an AudioFile Earphones Award and ABR Audibook Listener Award. He specializes in accents and dialect, with fluency in Irish, British RP, and Standard American. He now lives in Texas with his wife and their golden retriever called "Gansey," which means "Sweater" in Irish Gaelic.

His studio is equipped with:

Sennheiser Mkh416

Neumann TLM103

RME Babyface Pro

Presonus Studio One Professional

Double Walled Isolation Booth


Windows 10 PC


"Narrator Gary Furlong immerses listeners..."

"Narrator Gary Furlong immerses listeners in a steampunk Victorian world that is controlled by ancient clock towers. Clock mechanics ensure that the flow of time isn't disturbed, and 17-year-old prodigy Danny Hart is the most talented among them. After an accident on the job, Danny is sent on a low-risk assignment, where he meets and falls for Colton.  As written, Danny and Colton's forbidden romance veers towards the saccharine, but Furlong keeps it on the side of sweet and believable. "

for "Timekeeper", Audiofile Magazine

The best part of his performance is his interpretation of the two main characters.

"The best part of his performance overall is undoubtedly his interpretation of the two main characters. He gives Oliver an appropriate aristocratic drawl when called for, and is equally good at putting a suitable degree of gruffness into his portrayal of Jack. He conveys the warmth, humour and affection that permeates the dialogue between the two men incredibly well, and brings their relationship to life in such a way as to give the listener the sense that these are two well-matched people who understand and appreciate each other for who and what they are."

for "The Soldier's Scoundrel", in

 "Furlong's style of narration provides calming reassurance with respect to a process that is emotionally fraught for many people..."

"Narrator Gary Furlong's gentle Irish accent guides listeners through the process of downsizing their possessions - whether it's due to moving, a desired change in lifestyle, or having to clear out another person's belongings when that person is unable to do so. Furlong adopts a measured, mellow tone.  Furlong's style of narration provides calming reassurance with respect to a process that is emotionally fraught for many people."

for "Let it Go", Audiofile Magazine


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